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Loofah Soap - Love Potion ( 1 Bar )

Loofah Soap - Love Potion ( 1 Bar )

$ 10.00

Love Potion No 9 Loofah Soap ( 1  Bar )

Love Potion is a tantalizing blend of pomegranate, candied apple and a splash of citrus. Loofah soaps are great for exfoliating and leaving your skin beautifully glowing. Each soap has a loofah sponge embedded right in the bar. Simply use in a light circular motion directly on skin.

Great for rough feet and elbows or gardener's hands too!

♥ 1 - 4.5 oz. bars
♥ Handmade vegetable glycerin soaps are very fragrant and beautiful.
♥ Vegetable glycerin is a humectant that moisturizes the skin.
♥ Made only with the highest quality ingredients for a rich feel and a luxurious lather that rinses clean.

Made in USA

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