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Lampe Berger Car Diffuser Refill - Anti Pet Odor

Lampe Berger Car Diffuser Refill - Anti Pet Odor

$ 10.00

Lampe Berger Car Diffusers are Refillable. Each Scented Stone Lasts Up to 30 Days.

Refill included 2 Stones scented with Lampe Berger's fabulous fragrance.

If they are our companions all the time, our four-legged friends do not always honor us with their smells.

With Anti Animal Odor. Maison Berger Paris brings you a solution both technical and aesthetic to these small inconveniences.
Its multidirectional clamp makes it easy to clip on the air vents of your vehicle. Its rechargeable ceramic core subtly gives off a fresh and floral fragrance of bergamot, lily of the valley and sandalwood. In addition, a patented molecule neutralizes the bad odors left by your animal.
For the development of this anti-odor range, Maison Berger Paris has once again combined inventiveness, technicality and aesthetics. The technical mastery is unique, the patented process, unpleasant odors neutralized. Perfume, always at the center of the reflection, has been specifically studied for this mode of diffusion and spreads in a homogeneous and subtle way.


Bergamot, Apple


Lily of the valley, Freesia


Sandalwood, Musk


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