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Lampe Berger Car Diffuser Refill - Amber Powder

Lampe Berger Car Diffuser Refill - Amber Powder

$ 10.00

Lampe Berger Car Diffusers are Refillable. Each Scented Stone Lasts Up to 30 Days.

Refill included 2 Stones scented with Lampe Berger's fabulous fragrance.

The delicacy of the rose blossoms in top notes alongside the sweet cinnamon, very refined as well as spices of pepper, rising and vectors of fresh scents. In heart notes, the warm woody fragrances of sandalwood and patchouli mingle with warm amber notes. Vanilla comes as a base note with balms and white musk which bring roundness and softness. 

These Amber Powder Car Diffuser Refills breathe an oriental scent into your car and make you want to prolong this unique olfactory experience. 

Amber Powder


Rose, Cinnamon, Pepper


Sandalwood, Patchouli, Amber


Vanilla, Balms, White musk


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