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Itsy Glitzy Grand Swan from Mary Meyer

$ 39.99

t’s the little touches that are big with Itsy Glitzy - includes a touch of gold metallic and quiet colors that look soft and feel softer.

Itsy Glitzy is a brand new theme that is all about the fine details. The gold bling and blush color combination is having it’s moment. Itsy Glitzy features special little details, fine embroidery, and sparkle throughout.

Looking for elegance on a grand scale? This beautiful bird will amke a stylish statement in any nusery it nests in. Part of a new theme for 2018, 15″ Itsy Glitzy Swan is all about the luxurious feather-like fabric wings, the gold details, and the floral embroidery. Baby safe embroidered and metallic gold details. Machine wash, air dry.

All embroidered details
Baby safe embroidery and metallic details
Machine wash, air dry

Mary Meyer

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