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Airome Essential Oil

$ 9.99

100% certified pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. Each oil is lab tested & can be used topically with carrier oils or aromatically in a essential oil diffusers

Cassia - a warm spicy, comforting aroma. Use to inspire a peaceful state of well-being

Ginger - popular throughout Asia, ginger has a rich history dating back thousands of years. Use to soothe & comfort the body.

Lavender - native to the old world. Lavender is a relaxing & calming aroma. A popular choice to diffuse before bedtime.

Patchouli - a complex earthy aroma for the free spirit. Use to create balanced & peaceful feelings.

Ylang Ylang - a rich & inspiring aroma derived from the flowers of the tropical Canaga tree. Use it to brighten & encourage feelings of romance.

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