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Boozy Jerky - Rosemary Garlicky Pilsner

$ 8.99

Rosemary Garlicky Pilsner Beef Jerkey 1.5oz

There is nothing quite like pairing an ice-cold refreshing pilsner with a mouth-watering piece of garlicky meat!

Rip open this bag of deliciousness and prepare for your perception of beef jerky to change forever!

Inspired by the advanced palette of our Cofounder and resident foodie & wine "Professor" — this is our greatest creation yet. 

That might sound like bravado, but it's no bull ... well, you know what we mean.

This oh-so-tender jerky is infused with pilsner beer and seasoned to perfection with a mouth-watering combination of fresh rosemary & garlic. And, it's finished in the buttery style you find at your favorite steakhouse! 

Even better, It's GLUTEN FREE!

Enjoy this à la carte, with any wine of your choosing, or alongside a cold Pilsner, Light Lager, Pale Ale, or even poolside with a Hard Seltzer in hand. 

This is perfect for any wine or beer lover in your life. Jerky fans will love you forever with this gift, trust us ... it's THAT good. 


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